Pick Heaters for Pulp and Paper Industry

Steam Injection Heaters for the Pulp and Paper Industry

The Paper Industry finds that Pick Direct Steam Injection heating systems consistently provide creative solutions to process heating requirements.

The Pick Heater provides low velocity, low noise level and low maintenance design.

Application Solutions include:

Paper Machine Showers

Because of its quick response to changes in heat load, the Pick Heater can deliver an immediate supply of shower water at a precisely controlled temperature. It is an effective method of cleaning fiber build up from the machine wire and breast roll.

Felt Showers

The Pick Heater's precise temperature control is critical for effective washing at the felt section of the paper machine. With thorough loosening and flushing of fibers and fillers from felts, water removal in press section is maximized.

Pulper Filling

Pick Heaters are often used to replace unstable tank sparging systems because of its smooth, quiet operation. The Pick provides high temperature water instantly to the pulping operation. Its quick response to system demands reduces production time.

Green Liquor Heating

Due to its turndown capability, the Pick Heater is perfect for green liquor heating where there is either seasonal temperature change or where start-up and normal operation loads need to be satisfied by a single system. With precise temperature control, the risk of boil over is minimized.

Brown Stock Washing

The Pick Heater provides wash water immediately on demand allowing for better separation and dispersal of spent liquors. Precise temperature control improves washing efficiency.

Lime Mud Filter Showers

The Pick Heater supplies an instant supply of shower water at precisely controlled temperatures for the lime mud pre-coat filter, resulting in an efficient dilution wash of lime mud.

Starch Cooking

The Pick "BX" Steam Injection Cooker is successfully used in starch cooking processes worldwide. Its unique concept allows a generous flow-through design with minimal pressure drop for slurries up to 35% solids, which is easily adapted to the mill's existing starch cooking system.

Filter Back Flush

An immediate supply of hot water for the intermittent backwashing of filter elements is demanded for continuous washing cycles at filter banks. The Pick Variable Flow Heater is the only Steam Injection Heater capable of operating throughout a wide range of water flow rates and intermittent demand.

Boiler Feed Water & Reverse Osmosis Water Heating

Advantages over cumbersome shell-and-tube exchangers include instantaneous heating and a big savings of floor space due to Pick's compact design. With Direct Steam Injection, hot water can be provided instantly to keep up with varying demands on the boiler.