Pick Heaters for Chemical Industry

Steam Injection for Chemical Processing

Pick's precise and accurate temperature control is the ideal solution for demanding process heating requirements across the Chemical industry.

Consider Pick Direct Steam Injection for all applications from hot water sets for Jacketed Heating to fully automated systems for CIP or Tank Car Cleaning.

Application Solutions include:


Heating Reactor Vessels

Hot water offers many important advantages over steam for jacketed heating. Jacket water temperature is precisely controlled, allowing water to surround the jacket at an even temperature, eliminating hot spots from direct steam and the potential for product burn on. Hot water versus steam also permits a smooth transition from heating to cooling, eliminating hammer and vibration and the potential for shock and damage to glass lined reactors.

CIP - Cleaning/ Sanitizing

Pick Heaters provide accurate, automatic temperature control ensuring optimum effectiveness of the caustic or chemical solutions. 100% heat transfer also saves energy over indirect or sparging systems. Let Pick design a fully automated CIP system to meet your cleaning needs.

Filter Washing

Back-flushing filters and rinsing centrifuges at uncontrolled temperatures, typical with indirect heat exchangers can waste water, energy and damage filter plates and frames. Pick's precise temperature control provides the ideal solution for effective filter cleaning without danger of damage.

Tank Car Washing

Pick’s accurate temperature control and unlimited supply of hot water on demand makes tank car washing fast and easy. Ease of operation and maintenance along with proven energy savings make Pick the perfect choice. Contact Pick for a fully automated Tank Car Washing System.

Tank Car and Storage Tank Heating

Heating tank cars with live steam can cause overheating which may result in damage to temperature-sensitive products. Hot water from a Pick System can be maintained at a precise, safe temperature. With a Pick System, water is re-circulated back through the heater requiring minimum energy to replace the BTUs used to heat the product.

Adding Process Water

Pick heats water instantly and demand to any desired temperature before it enters a batch process, reducing the cycle time and increasing productivity.

Gas to Liquid Dispersion

The Pick System effectively disperses a gas or vapor into a liquid; for example, ammonia gas into a liquid. It is also ideal for mixing two condensate streams. Pick provides smooth and even dispersion and operates with a minimum of noise and maintenance. See how Pick can solve your Condensate Mixing requirements.

General Plant Clean Up

The Pick Variable Flow Heater is the answer for general plant sanitation. Its unique design provides instant hot water at a precisely controlled temperature over a wide operating range. Only Pick can accommodate wide variations in water flows and frequent start-stop applications such as hose stations and still deliver accurately controlled hot water on demand. It is ideal for a central heating system for all your plant sanitation and clean up needs.

Line Tracing

With a Pick System the temperature in processing the filling lines can be precisely maintained at any desired setting. This assures a smooth flow of product without fear of damage from overheating.

Vacuum Dryer/ Blender

Pick's automatic, temperature-controlled system is ideal for providing hot water for jacketed dryers. Hot water versus steam provides even temperature control throughout the jacket, eliminating hot spots and overheating. Heat up is rapid and temperature can be controlled to within +1°C.