Pick Replaces Ineffective Competitor’s Unit on Four Reactor Vessels


A producer of PVC resin was experiencing serious steam hammer and vibration using a competitor's heater that featured a “co-axial” mixing design. Four units were installed on large reactor vessels as part of separate heat/cool processes. Each heater produced the same instability. After unsuccessful attempts by the competitor to make corrections, the customer called Pick to evaluate the installation and offer a solution.



Pick Model 6X150-1 Bare Heater carbon steel construction with 8” flanged water connections. The Pick system provided smooth and thorough mixing of steam, resulting in smooth operation and responsive temperature control. The heater was installed within the existing piping system and was compatible with the steam valve and instrumentation already in use. After proving successful on one reactor, all four competitor units were replaced with the Pick Heater.


Features and Benefits:

• Smooth, Stable Operation
• Compact Design
• Easy Installation
• Proven Expertise in Process Solutions


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Pick Industrial Water Heater