Pick Direct Steam Injection Industrial & Sanitary Liquid Heaters

Direct Steam Injection Heaters can be used wherever medium to high-pressure steam is available and an unlimited supply of industrial hot water is needed, or to heat liquids or slurries in-line. Worldwide industries served include food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and general industrial applications that benefit from efficiently produced unlimited hot water supply.

Why Choose Pick?


The heating chamber and internal injection tube of the Pick System is the performance difference between Pick and any other system.  Pick’s design prevents pressure equilibrium and automatically stabilizes steam injection pressure.  It eliminates shock, hammer, noise, vibration, with very minimal pressure drop and low sound level.


When you install a Pick DSI Heating System you’ll consistently have the liquid capacity and temperature you need. You’re always assured of a dependable heating system under a variety of operation conditions with a Pick Heater.



  • Energy Efficient - Save Up to 28% in Fuel Costs 
  • Exceptional Temperature Control -  +/- 1°C
  • Wide Operating Range
  • No Steam Hammer
  • Low Noise Level - Typically Below 85dBA
  • Low Liquid Pressure Drop - Less Than 2 PSI (0.14 BAR)
  • Complete Mixing in Heater Body
  • Instantaneous
  • Compact Design
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • No Minimum Straight Piping Before or After the Pick Heater


Featured Industries


Pick Direct Steam Injection Liquid Heaters provide solutions to an array of special applications.  Pick Heaters are used in a wide variety of industries.  Wherever there is a need to heat water or any type of water miscible liquid or slurry, you are likely to find a Pick Heater.  Whatever your liquid heating need, Pick is sure to have the answer.


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Food Processing

The Food Industry's special challenges are perfect for Pick Direct Steam Injection. Throughout the food plant, from process heating to plant sanitation, CIP and hot water sets, Pick provides instant, unlimited hot water at a precise temperature.

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Pick's precise and accurate temperature control is the ideal solution for demanding process heating requirements across the Chemical Industry like jacketed vessel heating and hot batch filling.

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Pick's precise and accurate temperature control is the ideal solution for demanding process heating requirements across the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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Pulp & Paper

The Paper Industry finds that Pick Direct Steam Injection Heating Systems consistently provide creative solutions to process heating requirements. The Pick Heater provides low velocity, low noise level and low maintenance design for various machine showers, green liquor heating and starch slurry cooking.

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Energy and Power

Pick Direct Steam Injection Heaters are a proven solution for many water heating applications in the Power Industry. Pick Heaters exceptional temperature control (within 1°C) as compared to other direct or indirect heating methods can play a critical role in improving plant performance for boiler feed water, reverse osmosis water and similar applications.

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Other Industries

Pick Direct Steam Injection Systems are ideally suited for instantly heating water or water miscible liquids wherever precise temperature control, energy savings and ease of installation and operation is desired.

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An ongoing challenge faced by food industry customers is maintaining a reliable, yet safe plant sanitation system. This means making sure that all areas of the plant have hot water at the required temperatures regardless of load. Precise temperature control at the necessary volume needs to be available whether during peak load clean-...


Getting Into Hot Water–Indirectly

Previously, we compared two methods of heating water for plant sanitation, both involving DSI (direct steam injection). While the use of individual steam-water mixing tees offer many conveniences, there are some shortcomings with efficiencies and safety. The Pick alternative is the installation of a centrally located, Variable Flow h...


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In this last in a series of Pick Blogs covering methods of heating water for plant sanitation, we take a look at direct contact hot water heaters. These systems typically incorporate a cylindrical stack with an internal diffuser near the top, a burner section and a water collection reservoir at the bottom. Water is sprayed onto the diffuse...