Advantage of Pick Heater

The Advantages of Pick Direct Steam Injection

Energy Efficient

When compared to Tank Steam Sparging, Indirect Shell & Tube or Plate Heat Exchangers, Pick Direct Steam Injection Heaters can cut fuel costs dramatically – up to 28% – because 100% of the available energy from the steam is instantly absorbed by the liquid.


Exceptional Temperature Control

Accurate temperature control throughout the entire operating range conserves energy and assures product quality. The Pick Direct Steam Injection Heater adapts quickly to process load changes and can maintain precise temperature control to within 1°C.


Wide Operating Range

Unlimited turndown both in process flow rates and heat load results in energy savings and accurate temperature control.


No Steam Hammer

Pick's unique variable orifice injector automatically maintains a minimum differential between the steam and water pressures. This eliminates harmful vibration and steam hammer.


Low Noise Level

The Pick Direct Steam Injection Heater operates at a low noise level, normally below 85 dBA…far superior to high velocity steam eductors.


Low Liquid Pressure Drop

Pressure drop does not exceed 2 PSI (0.14 BAR) under design flow rates.


Complete Mixing in Heater Body

With Pick Direct Steam Injection Heaters, there is no need for straight run discharge piping before or after the heater as required by high velocity steam eductors.



Pick Heaters deliver an unlimited supply of hot water on demand, thus eliminating the need for large storage tanks.


Compact Design

When compared to conventional heat exchangers, Pick Direct Steam Injection Heaters take up only a fraction of the space. No matter what your plant size or floor space constraints are, there's always room for a Pick Heater.


Low Maintenance Cost

The Pick Heater has only one moving part, which can be inspected quickly and easily. Replacement parts are low cost as compared to expensive internal trim in high velocity steam eductor heaters and heat exchanger tube bundles or gasketed plates.