Specialty Direct Steam Injection Heaters

Pick Fabricated Water Heater

What is a Pick "Fabricated" Heater?

Same trusted features and benefits of standard models, but for flow rates, pressures or material of construction that are outside the standard design.


In fact, flow rates of up to 25,000 GPM (5680 m3/Hr.) are available.


High pressure designs (ANSI Class 900 PSIG, or DN 900 / PN 260) and above. Specialty heaters can also be made in special alloys such as…AL-6XN, Hastelloy, Duplex 2205, Titanium, Inconel etc.


Please contact Pick Heaters or fill out our application data sheet for a quote on a Pick Specialty DSI Heater.


Typical Applications Include:


  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Reactor Heating/Cooling
  • Pellet Water Heating
  • Alumina Slurry
  • Condensate Mixing
  • White Water Heating

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Benefits of Pick Fabricated Heaters:



Low Liquid Pressure Drop

Pressure drop is less than 2 PSI

Complete Mixing Inside Heater Chamber

No up or down stream straight pipe length requirements

Low Sound Level

Typically less than 85 dBA

Compact Design

Compared to indirect heat exchangers

Pick Fabricated Heater


Fabricated Elbow Steam Injection Heaters


Fabricated Elbow DSI Heater

Steam injection flow rates up to 50,000 lb./hr. (22,680 kg/hr.).  Straight in-line pipe and 90° Elbow designs available.