Pick Heaters for General Industrial

Steam Injection for General Industrial Use

Pick Direct Steam Injection systems are ideally suited for heating water or water miscible liquids wherever precise temperature control, energy savings and ease of installation and operation is desired.

Pick delivers hot water on demand at a precisely controlled temperature- even in difficult frequent start/stop applications. It is compact in size and can be easily installed practically anywhere in your plant. 100% heat transfer means high efficiency with energy savings up to 28% versus indirect heat exchangers.


You'll find Pick Heaters at work around the world, in every kind of industrial environment, being used for operations such as:

  • Multiple Hose Stations
  • Parts Washers
  • Ready Mix Concrete
  • Dye Beck Heating
  • Washbox Heating
  • CIP Systems
  • Boiler Feedwater Heating
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Heating
  • Starch Liquefaction

These case histories are but a few examples of the cost-saving benefits of Pick Heaters:


Automotive Industry Parts Washer

A Pick Heater replaces a plate heat exchanger to supply hot water for a parts washer, resulting in greatly reduced maintenance and substantial energy savings.

Steel Industry Acid Pickling

The acid pickling process, used to clean cold-rolled steel, requires an instantaneous supply of hot water a widely varying flow rates. A Pick Variable Flow Direct Steam Injection Heater meets the challenge.

Anaerobic Treatment of Organic Waste

The Pick Heater can handle large volumes of liquid with a low liquid side pressure drop, while maintaining the tight temperature control necessary in the anaerobic process.