Tank Car Cleaning


Customer was looking for a reliable method of providing hot water for washing residual sodium bisulfate from tank cars. Wash water had to be maintained at adequate flow rate and pressure for operation of rotary nozzles at the use point. It was critical that water was delivered at the required temperature to maintain 180°F for 15 minutes at the tank car drain. The heating system needed to be able to respond to seasonal changes of inlet water temperature.


Process Conditions:

Flow Rate: 70-75 GPM
Temperature Rise: 125-155°F
Discharge Temperature: 195°F
Steam Pressure: 90 PSIG
Water Pressure: 60 PSIG 



A Pick 6X50-3 with 316 SS wetted parts, on a floor mount frame for easy customer installation. An electronic temperature control package with PLC remote set point and process retransmission capability was included. The Pick Heater design imposed a low water-side pressure drop, assuring adequate pressure at spray nozzle and less work required by process pump.


Features and Benefits:

• Low Water-Side Pressure Drop – 1 PSI
• Instantaneous Response
• Accurate Temperature Control
• Compact Installation


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Steam Injection Heater for Tank Car Cleaning