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Pick Heaters Videos

Videos featuring process heating solutions with Pick Steam Injection Heaters.


Dependable and Precise Process Heating Solutions

If you’re currently struggling to generate hot water with tank steam sparging, steam ejector jets or using indirect heat exchangers, then you must consider switching to a Pick Steam Injection Heating System.


Pick Constant Flow Direct Steam Injection Heater

Do you need an unlimited and instantaneous supply of hot water? Then you should consider the Pick Constant Flow Steam Injection Heater. It is used wherever a relatively constant flow of heated liquid at a precisely controlled temperature is required.


Pick Variable Flow Direct Steam Injection Heater

The Variable Flow system is ideal for replacing inefficient heat exchangers, storage tanks, steam spargers, and problematic individual steam/water mixing stations.


Pick Sanitary Direct Steam Injection Heater

The Pick SC Sanitary Heater is a proven performer and is used for heating, cooking or sterilizing liquid or slurry-type food products on a continuous, straight-through basis.

Packaged Process Heating Systems

Customers can rely on over 75 years of Pick’s design experience and know-how with options for packaged systems of our Steam Injection Systems or other methods of heat transfer.


Pick BX Slurry Steam Injection Heater

A Pick BX Heater provides instantaneous and complete cooking of starch and other water-miscible slurries. It is also a great choice for viscous slurries such as waste grease and oil. Heating with a Pick BX efficiently reduces the viscosity to promote separation of components at the centrifuge.

Pick Specialty Fabricated Steam Injection Heater

Same trusted features and benefits of standard Pick Heater models, but for flow rates, pressures, or material of construction that are outside the standard design.

Pick Series DS Desuperheater

The water spray design of the Pick Desuperheater offers a simple, cost-effective method of cooling steam to within 10°F of saturation.

Why Pick Heaters Is Better

Pick Direct Steam Injection (DSI) Systems regularly outperform heat exchangers and high velocity steam eductors. Pick's advantages include a simple design, minimal moving parts, exceptional temperature control, energy efficiency, and low liquid pressure drop.


How to Find The Serial Number of Your Pick Heater

The serial number of your Pick Heater is located on the name plate along with the top and bottom casting.


Calibrate Your Pick Temperature Controller

Learn how to adjust your Pick pneumatic temperature controller.

Brewing Application

Cooking Beer Mash with the Pick SC2-3 Jet Cooker

The Pick Steam Injection Liquid Jet Cooker provides accurate temperature control for brewing applications.



Salsa Application

Bite-Size Pieces, Non-Shearing Action

Salsa applications, as well as any application requiring non-shear cooking of bite-size pieces, are excellent for the Pick Sanitary Heater.

Note: Video does not have sound



Pudding Application

Smooth, Thorough In-line Cooking

This pudding application demonstrates the Pick Heater's ability to instantly heat product, maintaining texture, color and flavor.

The Pick Heater improves the cooking process by eliminating kettles and time-consuming batch cooking. With in-line cooking, non-shearing action and precise temperature control, the Pick Sanitary Heater is an essential alternative to traditional cooking methods.

Note: Video does not have sound



Disassembly for Cleaning

Sanitary Construction...3A Certification

The Pick Heater body can be easily disassembled for periodic cleaning as may be called for by COP, or clean-out-of-place requirements. With its sanitary clamp design, the Pick mixing chamber can quickly be pulled from system piping at one steam and two liquid connections.

Once the heater is removed the body can be completely broken apart. The helical flight, critical for thorough mixing of steam and liquid, neatly slides out from the assembly. The Pick Steam Injection tube can be removed, with access to the internal spring, piston and stopper achieved by taking out the retaining pin.

Once the components of the heater body are cleaned and inspected, the Pick Sanitary Heater body can be reassembled in a matter of minutes, and ready to be put back into service.

Note: Video does not have sound