Pick Heaters for Energy and Power Industry

Steam Injection for the Energy & Power Industry

Pick Direct Steam Injection Heaters are a proven solution for many water heating applications in the Power Industry.

Pick Heaters exceptional temperature control (within 1°C) as compared to other direct or indirect heating methods can play a critical role in improving plant performance.


Pick’s compact size compared to indirect heat exchangers allows more flexibility in installation. Couple this with ease of maintenance and reliability and Pick Direct Steam Injection Heaters are clearly the water heating choice for the Energy & Power Industry.

Application Solutions include:


Boiler Feed Water

A Power Plant generates steam for a neighboring paper recycling mill. The plant required an instantaneous supply of hot water for varying demand, as condensate could not be returned from the mill.

Reverse Osmosis

A regional power plant installed two new Reverse Osmosis (R/O) systems to reduce the amount of conventional chemical treatment for boiler feed water. Direct Steam Injection improved the efficiency of the system, since cold water hampers the ability of water to pass through membranes.

Flue Gas Desulphurization

Environmental regulations require power plants to employ flue gas desulphurization (FGD) to control sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions. A dependable hot water supply is required to maximize efficiency in the lime slaking process.

Regeneration of Resin Beds

Power generation plants use cation and anion resin bed exchangers to treat boiler feed water.

Desuperheating of Steam

The Pick Desuperheater provides a reliable method for reducing temperature of a super-heated steam supply.