Resin Bed Regeneration


Power generation plants use cation and anion resin bed exchangers to treat boiler feed water. Anion beds are regenerated by backflushing with 120°F caustic solution. Temperature control is critical to protect the resin.

In 1997, the Puerto Rico Power Authority installed a Pick Model 6X25-3 Heater in its Aguirre steam plant, replacing a shell & tube exchanger. Satisfactory experience with this unit lead to subsequent installations at the San Juan, Palo Seco, and Costa Sur steam plants. Time in service ranges from four to eleven years. The original heater at Aguirre is the only unit to require minor maintenance, after eight years in operation.


Process Conditions:

Water Flow Rate: 93 GPM
Discharge Temperature: 120°F
Steam Pressure: 250 PSIG
Water Pressure: 100 PSIG
Caustic injected downstream of heater for 4% concentration.


Features and Benefits:

• Compact Size
• Precise Temperature Control
• Trouble Free Operation


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Resin Bed Regeneration System