Packaged System

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Pick Steam Injection Packaged Systems


Pick Custom Design System

Steam Injection Packaged Systems - Bio-Kill System


Pick Starch Confectionery System

Steam Injection Packaged Systems - Starch Confectionery Cooker


Pick Starch Confectionery System

Steam Injection Packaged Systems - Clean-In-Place System


Pick Scrubber Wash System

Steam Injection Packaged Systems - Scrubber Wash System


Pick Washdown Hose Station System

Steam Injection Packaged Systems - Washdown/Hose Station with Installed Back-up Heater


Pick Food Plant System

Steam Injection Packaged Systems - Food Plant – Packaging Machine Sanitizing Heater


Pick Jacketed Product Pipe System

Steam Injection Packaged Systems - Jacketed Product Pipe Circulation Heating System

Pick offers options for packaged systems of our Steam Injection Systems or other methods of heat transfer.


Pick Direct Steam Injection Packaged System components are integrated to meet the requirements for heating jacketed reactors and kettles, liquid-to-liquid exchangers, rotary vacuum dryers and blenders, plate and frame heat exchangers, pasteurizers, CIP systems and other applications.


The total flexibility of our PCD Custom Heat Transfer Packaged Systems saves you time and money with safe, reliable packaged heating. We design, package and service a system that arrives ready to connect at your plant.



Pick Steam Injection Packaged Systems deliver:


  • Single source of supply
  • Portable skids, wall mounts or floor mounted packages
  • Compact design to maximize space
  • Fully assembled package that is ready for operation (includes re-circulation pump, complete valving, controls and instrumentation in a skid-mounted package)
  • Choice of a variety of component materials and mounting configurations
  • Proven customer satisfaction...around the world


Pick Steam Injection Packaged Systems are designed specifically to meet process industry needs efficiently and effectively, from a pilot project to a large-scale production.


Whether it's a Pick Direct Steam Injection for Constant or Variable Demand, we can package a heater with the auxiliary components needed to meet your exact requirements.

Pick Custom Design


Pick Custom Design is a division of Pick Heaters offering innovative process solutions for heat transfer applications.


Pick Custom Design (PCD) systems incorporate various methods of heat transfer, including ancillary components for a complete skid or frame package, ready for customer final installation and start-up. This eliminates the chore for customers to self-source required piping, valves, traps and instrumentation along with incurring related installation costs. The customer relies on Pick to stand behind the complete scope of supply.


Customers can rely on over 70 years of Pick’s Direct Steam Injection packaged system design experience and know-how. Each system is “custom designed” to satisfy specific customer requirements in a compact skid or module, with special attention to proper application and installation of components.

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PCD Systems


Pick Custom Design System

Pick Custom Design System


Packaged System with Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger


Closed Loop Emulsion Cooling System


PCD Heating System

Custom Heat Transfer Packaged System


PCD Heating System

Tank Heating Skid


PCD Heating System

Heat and Cool Reactor Vessel Packaged System


Why PCD?


Partner with Pick for All your Process Heating Needs.


  • Save time and cut costs through PCD single source responsibility.
  • Competitive pricing over large cookie-cutter fabricating houses. All systems are designed and built at Pick’s factory.
  • Responsiveness to customer’s specific needs, adhering closely to rigid customer specifications.
  • Creative solutions to challenging applications using the latest in heat transfer equipment.
  • Total package responsibility and total performance guarantee.