Tempered Water Heater for Hydrostatic Testing of Shell and Tube Exchangers


A refinery required instant hot water to adhere to ASME VIII specifications for hydrostatic testing of shell and tube heat exchangers. Testing is required after repair or periodic inspection and maintenance of their heat exchangers. To complete a leak check of exchanger shell, shell joints and connections it’s necessary to hold test pressure and a predetermined temperature for a required time period.

The temperature and pressure are determined by the exchanger design specifications. On this project the heater is normally operated in winter months.


Process Conditions:

Water Flow Rate: 230 GPM
Temperature Rise: 25°F
Steam Supply Pressure: 125 PSIG
Water Supply Pressure: 60 PSIG



A Pick Model 6X25-1 Bare Heater with 3” carbon steel flanged construction. Pick provided a simple solution for occasional hot water needs. The heater is flexible enough to allow for adjustment at various temperatures.


Features and Benefits:

• Instantaneous Supply of Hot Water
• Compact Design
• Low Liquid Side Pressure Drop - Less than 2 PSI
• Accurate Temperature Control


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Pick Industrial Steam Injection Heater for Tempered Water