Waste Grease Processing


More stringent EPA guidelines and recognition of value for production of biodiesel, fertilizers, and other products is driving a trend toward recycling of trap grease. 


Process Conditions:

Flow Rate: 35 – 40 GPM
Temperature: 120°FΔT (60 – 180)
Steam Pressure: 90 PSIG
Product Pressure: 20 PSIG



Effective separation of solids and heavy liquids requires heating of the waste fluid upstream of the centrifuge. The Pick “BX” Steam Injection Heater has a proven track record on this service, offering precise temperature control and negligible liquid side pressure drop. Other benefits include compact design and elimination of plugging that can occur with indirect heat exchangers.


Features and Benefits:

• Precise Temperature Control
• Non-Plugging Design
• Energy Efficient


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Trap Grease Diagram