Steam Injection Heaters Used for Swine Manure


When a major meat processing company committed to building a waste to energy facility, it selected Pick Steam Injection Heaters.  The plant addresses the growing concerns of handling and disposal of livestock waste while providing a source of clean, renewable fuel.

Swine manure is collected, thickened to 8% solids, then digested.  Using a progressive cavity pump, sludge is drawn from concentrators at a rate of 80-100 GPM. Temperature is instantly raised from 40°F to 95°F as it is fed through a Pick Steam Injection Heater en route to the digester. Methane gas is collected from the top of the digester, converted into methanol and transported to an offsite biodiesel plant.



Two model 6X50-3 Pick Heaters have been in service since the plant began operations.


Features and Benefits:

• Compact
• Energy Efficient
• Precise Temperature Control
• Trouble Free Operation


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Swine Manure Diagram