CIP System for Tank Cleaning


A pharmaceutical company requested a complete CIP system for storage tanks. 160°F water was required at 180 PSIG for spray nozzles at a rate of 140-210 GPM. The customer wanted a complete, fully automated packaged system with caustic feed capability. The system was to include programming capability of cycle times.



A Pick 6X100-3 packaged heating system was installed, providing an instantaneous supply of 160°F water. A boost pump was included to increase discharge water pressure to 180 PSIG. A 20% caustic solution is metered in for final concentration of .5-2.0%. The system is fully automatic. The operator simply programs cycle times for hot rinse, caustic wash, and cold flush, as well as caustic concentration. The operator also has an option to bypass the program and operate any part of the sequence manually.


Features and Benefits:

• Fully Automatic Operation
• Instantly Heats CIP Solution
• Single Source Supply of Packaged System


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CIP for Tank