Packaged Heat and Cool System


A major pharmaceutical company needed to heat product in a 300 gallon jacketed dryer through a closed loop hot water process. The product temperature was to be gradually brought to 80°C using 90°C jacket water. A cooling mode followed after the drying stage had concluded. Material requirements for both process piping and skid frame were to be stainless steel to satisfy area requirements.


Process Conditions:

Temperature Rise Per Pass: 4-44°C
Liquid Supply Pressure: 40 PSIG
Steam Supply Pressure: 80 PSIG
Water Flow Rate: 8 GPM



Pick Model 6X7 HCS Packaged System 

The Pick Heater accurately maintained jacket temperature at 90°C through a cascade temperature control loop. The steam valve is driven closed after the drying run, and cooling water is introduced to the system as a cooling control valve opens which also allows discharge of jacket water. A chilling plate exchanger was included to reduce hot water temperature discharged to drain.

Complete system supply and capability interfaced with customer temperature control loop provided an ideal solution for customer requirements.


Features and Benefits:

• Interface with Plant Controls
• Complete Package Supply
• Compact and Custom Design
• Precise Temperature Control


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Packaged Heat and Cool System