Closed Loop Jacketed Blender


Chemical company uses hot water, rather than steam, to heat their 10,000 pound capacity jacketed blender. The system must mix powders and small quantities of liquids, then dry the mixture in a very short time.

Product example: 7,000 pound batch is vacuum dried to 2,000 pounds in less than 12 hours.

There is no flexibility in the quality of the product produced, it must be precise to specification and consistent. Product is very heat sensitive so tight temperature control is required.  Steam poses a problem with overheating and product burn-on.



Pre-Packaged Heating/Cooling System manufactured by Pick Heaters is used in conjunction with an electronic cascade recording temperature controller to achieve consistent, quality product. The Pick System features 316 stainless steel piping, circulation pump, Pick DSI Heater, automatic steam and water cooling valves, all pre-piped, skid mounted, and coupled to the blender.


Features and Benefits:

• Uniformity of Jacket Temperature
• Product Consistency and Quality
• Predictable Results
• Eliminates Awkward Transition Between Heating & Cooling Operations


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Closed Loop Jacketed Blender