Breast Roll & Fourdrinier Wire Showers


The breast roll supports the fourdrinier wire at the headbox end of the paper machine. Both the breast roll and machine wire tend to accumulate stock fiber. A series of showers serve to clean fiber buildup, improving drainage and runability of the paper machine. Accurately controlled water temperature is crucial to this application.


Breast Roll Shower Process Conditions:

White Water Flow Rate: 200 GPM
Temperature Rise: 50ºF
Discharge Temperature: 130ºF
Steam Pressure: 160 PSIG
Water Pressure: 70 PSIG
Steam Flow: 4,300 lbs./hr. 


Breast Roll Shower Solution:

Pick Model 6X50-3 Constant Flow Heater 316 stainless steel construction, with 3” flanged water connections.


Wire Shower Process Conditions:

White Water Flow Rate: 350-500 GPM
Temperature Rise: 60ºF
Discharge Temperature: 120ºF
Steam Pressure: 100 PSIG
Water Pressure: 60 PSIG
Steam Flow: 9,030 - 12,900 lbs./hr.


Wire Shower Solution:

Pick Model 6X150-3 Constant Flow Heater 316 stainless steel construction, with 4” flanged water connections.


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