Mill Water Application


Paper mill was having problems with two venturi type direct steam injection heaters on a simple mill water application. The heater featured a multiple nozzle plate design for modulating steam flow. Steam hammer and heavy vibration destroyed internal nozzles on the heater and posed a safety hazard.  Despite several attempts, the problem could not be resolved.  The customer was left with a critical need for a quick solution.


Process Conditions:

Water Flow Rate: 1,000 GPM
Temperature Rise: 50°F
Steam Flow: 21,500 lb/hr 



Two Pick 6X350-3 Constant Flow Heaters. Pick Heaters was called upon to replace the problem heaters. In addition to the smooth, stable performance of the Pick design, Pick Heaters, Inc. also provided outstanding technical support before and after installation. Manufacture of the Pick units was expedited, minimizing costly downtime for the customer. The plant engineer reports the heaters are quiet and provide accurate
temperature control. The final outcome - a satisfied customer.


Features and Benefits:

• Low Velocity Design
• No Steam Hammer
• Strong Technical Support
• Quick Response to Customer Needs


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Pick Heater Constant Flow Diagram