Starch Cooking


A converting mill producing a range of specialty coated printing and copier papers, required a steam injection heater for cooking cationic starch slurry, up to 35% solids. The heater serves a dual function. First, water is pre-heated to 140°F and blended with starch powder. Then the starch slurry is pumped back through the heater at a rate of 40 GPM and cooked at 200°F. Depending on the recipe, post dilution is used to obtain final consistency.


Process Conditions:

Slurry and Water Flow Rate: 40 GPM
Inlet Temperature: 50°F
Final Cook Temperature: 200°F
Steam Pressure: 65 PSIG
Water Pressure: 50 PSIG
Required Steam Flow: 2,580 lb/hr 



A Pick Model 6X25-3BX Heater was selected for this application. Its generous flow-through design imposes negligible pressure drop on the slurry. It provides thorough cooking at a precisely controlled temperature. The low velocity design minimizes mechanical shear of the starch granules, an important factor for most cationic starches.


Features and Benefits:

• Low Pressure Drop
• Precise Temperature Control
• Low Mechanical Shear
• Compact Design
• Non-Plugging


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Pick Starch Cooker Diagram