Backwashing Starch Filters


Customer required a hot water supply for backwashing of Ronningen-Petter tubular filters in the starch preparation area. A constant demand for 160°F water was necessary to satisfy the continuous washing cycles for a series of filter elements.  Cleanability of the filter system was vital for maintaining efficiency in the starch preparation area.


Process Conditions:

Water Flow Rate: 250 GPM
Temperature Rise: 120°F
Discharge Temperature: 160°F
Steam Flow Required: 1,300 lb/hr 



Pick Model 6X150-3 Constant Flow Heater

Alternative: Pick Variable Flow Heater to handle the wide range of water flow rates and intermittent demand of multiple filter banks.


Features and Benefits:

• Instantaneous Supply of Hot Water
• Precise Temperature Control
• Smooth, Stable Operation


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Pick Heater Constant Flow Diagram