Biowaste Kill System


The R&D division of a major pharmaceutical plant needed a fully automatic system to deactivate cell culture biowaste collected from reactors, tanks, sinks and condensate. This waste is to be “killed” at 140°C for a duration of 3 minutes and then cooled to 60°C prior to dumping to drain. The entire system had to be compact enough to fit in the back corner of the lab.


Process Conditions:

Liquid Flow: 2.8-4 GPM
Temperature Rise: 125°C (225°F)
Discharge Temp: 145°C (293°F)
Steam Pressure: 125 PSIG
Liquid Pressure: 60 PSIG
Steam Flow: 271-387 lb/hr



A Pick Model 6X7-3 with all 316 SS wetted parts, 1” liquid piping and 50 Ft. of 2 ½ Hold Tube.


Features and Benefits:

• Accurate Temperature Control
• Fully Automatic Operation
• Compact Design
• Optional Sanitary Construction


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Bio-Kill System