Starch Slurry Jet Cooker


Customer had been using an indirect static coil to heat their slurry, and found that it could not meet new production demands. In addition, the static coil was causing tailing which degrades the overall product quality. The customer also makes a gelatin piece and wished to maintain their traditional static coil cooking arrangement.


Process Conditions:

Product Flow Rate: 3,000 - 9,000 lbs/hr
Temperature Rise: 140°F 
Available Steam Pressure: 145 PSIG
Product Pressure: 90 PSIG
Steam Flow Required: 886-1,194 lbs/hr



The Pick Sanitary Jet Cooker Model SC10-1 was piped directly in the slurry line in a bypass fashion so either the jet cooker or existing static coil could be used, depending on the product being made. The Pick Jet Cooker easily met production needs of 9,000 lb/hr maximum, and also held the set point temperature at low end production demands of 3,000 lbs/hr. The unit is compact approximately 15”L x 3”W. It also allowed the customer to use their existing steam line components aside from adding in a steam filter and separator to comply with the 609 practice for culinary steam.


Features and Benefits:

• Compact Design
• Accurate Temperature Control 
• Consistent Product Quality

The customer easily met their production goal with little or no tailing. More importantly, the customer found that the Pick Sanitary Jet Cooker produced a good quality gelatin piece. They ultimately used the jet cooker as the primary cooker, and the static coil as a back-up.


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Pick Sanitary Heater for Starch Cooking