Starch Based Confection Cooking


Customer had been producing starch based confections using another manufacturer’s Direct Steam Injection Heater with mixed results. The quality of the finished product wasn’t satisfactory. The customer had been informed by the other supplier that more pressure differential was required. Rather than making complicated process changes, the customer turned to Pick for assistance in solving their problem.


Process Conditions:

Product Flow Rate: 9,000 - 18,000 lbs/hr
Temperature Rise: 152°F max. 
Available Steam Pressure: 150 PSIG
Product Pressure: 86 PSIG



The customer directly replaced the existing system with the Pick Sanitary Jet Cooker Model SC25-3, including clean steam components. The Pick System matched up in the existing line, making the change out very easy. More important, on-site assistance provided by the factory made start-up successful, and the final product satisfied expectations.


Features and Benefits:

• Thorough Mixing Action
• Gentle on Product 
• Low Maintenance


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Pick Sanitary Heater for Starch Cooking