Pet Food Meat Slurry Heating


Pet food processing company with numerous locations throughout the United States required a method for heating ground frozen chicken meat slurry. The existing scraped surface heat exchanger yielded inconsistent heating results and required frequent cleaning.


Process Conditions:

Ground Meat Slurry (0.6 Specific Heat)
Specific Gravity: 7.5 lb/gallon
Product Flow Rate: 100 GPM
Temperature Rise: 130°F
Steam Supply Pressure: 80 PSIG
Steam Flow Required: 3318 lb/hr



Pick SC50-1 Sanitary Heater with 4" tri-clamp connections was specified to handle the heavy consistency of the meat slurry. Steam injection provided tight temperature control and a thorough, even heating of the meat slurry. The process was duplicated at five other company facilities.


Features and Benefits:

• Able to Handle Viscous Product
• Quick and Easy to Clean
• Heats Product Thoroughly
• Compact Design


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Steam Injection System for Pet Food Cooking