Hot Water for Meat and Poultry Scalder


One of the top poultry producers in the country was looking for a method for heating water to their scalders (hot water baths prior to the “picker lines”). They turned to Pick, as other methods had not given them the precise temperature control they wanted. 

Additionally, they wanted a heater which would help decrease the high maintenance costs of direct gas fired heaters.


Process Conditions:

Water Flow Rate: 50 GPM
Steam Flow Required: 2,150 lbs/hr
Temperature Rise: 100°F (50° to 150°) 
Steam Pressure: 100 PSIG 
Liquid Pressure: 60 PSIG



Cast iron Pick Constant Flow 6X25-3 Heater with 316 stainless steel injection tube, 3-way air solenoid valve, steam strainer, steam check valve, water outlet valve, temperature controller, flow switch, and all necessary piping, fittings and gauges for automatic operation. 


Features and Benefits:

• Precise Temperature Control
• Water Heated Instantaneously
• Low Maintenance Costs


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Meat and Poultry Scalder Water Heater