Gelatin & Starch Based Confection Cooking


A new customer wanted to enter the jelly candy business and contacted Pick Heaters to help formulate new products with gelatin and starch bases. In addition to the new product recipes, they needed Pick to design a complete jet cooking system.


Process Conditions:

Product Flow Rate: 7,000 lbs/hr
Temperature Rise: 58°F - 130°F 
Available Steam Pressure: 120 PSIG
Product Pressure: 30-100 PSIG



The Pick Sanitary Jet Cooker Model SC7-3/SC10-1 system was designed to satisfy changing production needs. The customer could quickly upgrade to a larger jet cooker without having to change out the entire steam line, or move product port connections. The customer also had the opportunity to use a Pick pilot scale unit model SC2-1 to formulate various recipes Pick provided. The customer was secure in the knowledge that no matter what product work he did on the pilot scale unit, it would ramp up to production capacity without any changes to the recipe or need to change tuning parameters.


Features and Benefits:

• Compact Package
• Flexibility to Handle Wide Range of Operating Conditions
• Simple Operation


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Pick Sanitary Heater for Gelatin Starch Cooking