Cooking Nacho Cheese Sauce


A private label manufacturer had a retail customer reject their nacho cheese sauce due to unacceptable damage to pepper chunks in the product. They were using another manufacturer’s steam injection cooking system which caused too much shear and shredded the particulate.


Process Conditions:

Product Flow Rate: 50 GPM 
Discharge Temperature: 150°F 
Steam Flow Required: 2,500 lbs/hr



Pick’s technical services team arranged 3rd party testing using a Pick Heater, which demonstrated very favorable results. The competitive high velocity DSI cooker was creating undesirable product shear of the pepper chunks. As a result the customer installed (2) Pick Model SC25-3 Sanitary Cookers and is very pleased with the non-shearing results provided by Pick’s gentle and easy design.


Features and Benefits:

• Low Shear
• Retained Product Quality
• Precise Temperature Control


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Pick Sanitary Cooker for Nacho Cheese Sauce