Clean In Place


A dairy plant experienced frequent and costly failure of shell-and-tube heat exchangers on their clean-in-place (CIP) systems. The CIP system was pumped from the CIP tank through the heater to the CIP circuit. Increased energy efficiency was also part of the decision to look for an alternative solution.


Process Conditions:

Liquid Flow Rate: 60 GPM
Temperature Rise: 90ºF
Steam Pressure: 45 PSIG
Liquid Pressure: 20 PSIG
Steam Flow Required: 2,322 lbs./hr.



Pick SC25-1 Sanitary Heater was installed prior to system pump to provide an instantaneous heat up of CIP solution. The system was installed in the horizontal position to allow for mounting at the pump located on floor level. Since the original installation three other SC25-1 heaters have been installed as shell-and-tube units failed.


Features and Benefits:

• 100% Steam Efficiency
• Low Maintenance
• Compact Design
• Precise Temperature Control


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Sanitary Heater for CIP