Pick offers steam savings

Are You Still Steam Sparging to Heat Tanks?

Sparging wastes energy.


Save time, save steam and save energy with Pick Heaters!

  • Tank Sparging wastes up to 30% energy.  Pick Inline Direct Steam Injection Heaters are 100% efficient - all BTUs are absorbed by the water
  • No steam hammer - with Pick Direct Steam Injection the steam is rapidly and completely condensed and mixed thoroughly into the process liquid
  • Pick Heaters adapt quickly to load changes - Pick Direct Steam Injection maintains precise temperature control to within 1°C
  • Pick DSI Water Heaters are in-line and instantaneous - this eliminates the need for large storage tanks
  • Pick Heaters have an unlimited turn-down in both process flow rates and heat load
  • Pick Heaters off low liquid side pressure drop (less than 1 PSI)
  • The Pick Heater design ensure all steam bubbles are thoroughly mixed at the point of injection.  There is no minimum straight pip run required before and/or after the heater.
  • Low noise level - meets or exceeds OSHA standards