Waste Inactivation System


A major pharmaceutical company required a waste stream inactivation system to heat waste from multiple reactors at 140°C, hold for a period of time, then cool to 60°C. The customer was looking for a central turnkey system.


Process Conditions:

Liquid Flow Rate: 5 GPM
Temperature Rise: 105-140°C
Liquid Pressure: 70 PSIG
Steam Pressure: 90 PSIG



Waste Sterilization Skid featuring the Pick Direct Steam Injection 6X10-1/231BX Heater. Waste is collected in a 300 gallon, vented tank. When tank level reaches high setting, the system automatically starts up to process batch. When tank reaches low level, the system automatically shuts down. Steam is diffused directly into the waste fluid through a multiple orifice injector. While one heater is in operation, a second Pick Heater is in standby mode, isolated by manual ball valves. Treated bio-waste is cooled below 60°C through a chilled plate-exchanger prior to system discharge. Pick provided complete FAT with documentation.


Features and Benefits:

• Single Collection Tank Design
• Precise Time & Temperature Control
• Fully Automated
• Easy Cleaning
• Compact Design
• Fast Heat-up
• Lower Capital Cost Investment


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Bio-Kill System