Poultry Plant - Paw Picker


A common hot water requirement in the Paw Processing area of a poultry plant is the Paw/Foot Picker. Paw Picker equipment uses pressurized hot water to remove skin or cuticle. Precise temperature control is critical, with tolerances not to exceed 3°F of set point. Too low of temperature can result in yellow skin remaining on the foot. Too hot of a water temperature will blister and deform the foot. Normally a discarded part of the chicken, the paw represents 100% profit to the customer. Lost product due to an inefficient scalder operation means 100% loss of profit.


Process Conditions:

Water Flow Rate: 50 GPM 
Discharge Temperature: 140-146°F 
Steam Flow Required: 2,150 lbs/hr



Pick Direct Steam Injection Heater with electronic programmable temperature controller. Controller was mounted remote from the heater installation, in a dry area.


Features and Benefits:

• Precise Temperature Control
• Quick Response to Load Changes
• Low Pressure Drop


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Pick Constant Flow Heater for Poultry Plant Paw Picker