Pickle Pasteurizer


Manufacturer of tunnel conveyor pasteurizer required several efficient and responsive instantaneous heaters for their 9-zone conveyor to pasteurize pickles.

Water is recirculated through each zone in the pasteurizer and sprayed on the jars of pickles. However, each zone must be operated at a different temperature so as not to shock the glass jar. Therefore, each zone required a separate heater to maintain the circulation water temperature. Accurate water temperature was paramount. 


Process Conditions:

Model 6X25-1 heater for the beginning zone operated at 33 GPM at a 69°F temperature rise.
Model 6X50-1 heaters each at 180 GPM for the middle zones.
 33°F temperature rise per zone
 70-100 PSIG steam pressure
 17-21 PSIG water pressure
Model 6X10-1 heaters on the last zones operated at 30 GPM at a 40°F temperature rise.



All Pick Heaters provide instantaneous injection of steam into the circulating water zones, and respond instantly to changes when the conveyor is slowed or stopped due to production changes. Pick Steam Injection Heaters use all available BTU's in the steam so energy efficiency is maximized.


Features and Benefits:

• Low Maintenance
• Instantaneous Supply of Hot Water 
• Compact Design


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Pick Industrial Water Heater