Nitrogen Injection Into Mayonnaise

Steam Injection System for Nitrogen Injection

A producer of salad dressing wanted to increase product volume and provide a smoother texture of their mayonnaise product.  This would be accomplished by in-line direct injection of nitrogen into the mayonnaise. Product life is also increased due to lowered levels of oxygen.


Process Conditions:

Product Flow: 30,000 lb/hr
Nitrogen Supply Pressure: 230 PSIG
Product Pressure: 140 PSIG


Pick Model SC25-1 Sanitary Heater with 2-1/2” connections was selected. The multiple orifice injection tube and helical flights provide thorough dispersion and complete mixing of nitrogen. Designed with sanitary clamp style fittings, the unit can be disassembled in minutes for fast, easy cleaning, while maintaining product integrity.

Features and Benefits:

• Thorough Mixing Action
• Quick and Easy to Clean
• Non Shearing
• Gentle on Product
• Compact Design