Hot Water for Belt Freezer Defrosting

Steam Injection System for Defrosting Belt Freezers

Frozen vegetable processor required a method to remove ice build-up on multiple belt freezers. The product was continuously fed on a conveyor belt through a freezer system to keep up with production demands. Ice build up on the belts must to be melted at timed intervals. Hot water was distributed onto the belts via a series of spray heads. Water demand varies based on sequencing of washing cycles and number of systems in operation. Additional hot water is used to defrost refrigeration coils and supply a nearby single hose station for plant wash down in freezer area.


Process Conditions:

Water Flow Rate: 30-250 GPM
Temperature Rise: 15°F
Final Temperature: 85°F
Steam Supply Pressure: 110 PSIG
Water Supply Pressure: 40 PSI
Steam Flow Required: 200-1600 lb/hr


Pick 6X50 Variable Flow Heater designed with 4" water piping suitable for 250 GPM water flow rate. Dual steam valves are included to handle a wide range of steam flow demand. The Variable Flow Heater provides smooth performance in responding to intermittent operation and changes in water flow rates.

Features and Benefits:

• Instantaneous Supply of Hot Water
• Compact Design
• Turndown Capabilities
• Single Source of Hot Water for Multiple Use Points