Central Hot Water System for Plant Hose Station Service


Large cheese processor wanted a central hot water system capable of supplying all the hose stations located on three floors of his plant. The system had to handle a wide range of demand, responding to both periodic use as well as third-shift clean up.  Accurate temperature control was critical for effective and safe plant wash down. The heater had to be located in an isolated area eliminating the opportunity for unauthorized tampering with temperature set point.


Process Conditions:

Water Flow Rate: 15-460 GPM
Hose Stations: 1-30
Inlet Temperature: 50ºF
Discharge Temperature: 135ºF
Water Pressure: 60 PSIG
Steam Pressure: 140 PSIG
Steam Flow Required: 550-16,810 lbs./hr



Pick Model 6X200 Variable Flow Heater, including dual steam control valves for superior turndown capability. System was frame mounted on 304SS frame providing easy installation within a limited floor space. All steam piping leading to individual hose station drops were eliminated.


Features and Benefits:

• Safe - No Operator Adjustment at Use Points
• Instantaneous Hot Water Demand
• Accurate Temperature Control
• Unmatched Turndown Capability
• Steam Piping to Each Hose Station Eliminated


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