Atmospheric Retort Application


A major Oregon fruit and vegetable processor was experiencing problems with cooking uniformity of pears in a continuous atmospheric retort, resulting in unacceptable product quality. The existing heating method of steam sparging was creating inconsistent temperature within zones of the retort. Also, uncondensed steam was flashing to the atmosphere resulting in a waste of steam energy.



Having good experience with Pick Heaters in other applications within the plant, the customer contacted the local Pick representative for help. Pick designed a complete package to convert the process to a circulating hot water system. A Pick Heater was installed external to the retort, circulating water at 1,200 gpm while efficiently holding water at the desired temperature of 210°F.

The result was a noticeable improvement in product quality of their canned fruit, with no over or under cooking. The customer identified a quick equipment payback based both on more energy efficiency and reduced product rejection. They are budgeting to make the same change to other retorts in the plant.


Features and Benefits:

• Substantial Fuel and Energy Savings
• Consistent Product Quality
• Exceptional Temperature Control


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