Direct Steam Injection Cooking for Soy Production

In the realm of soy-based product manufacturing, the utilization of direct steam contact cookers, also known as jet cookers, has yielded significant process improvements and enhanced product quality. These cookers can be used on soy protein foods like soymilk and yogurt.  The adoption of direct steam contact cookers offers several advantages for soy product production:


Enhanced Product Quality:
Direct steam injection (DSI) jet cooking ensures precise temperature control during the cooking process. This results in consistent product quality, as the soy-based products are uniformly cooked.  The instantaneous heating provided by direct steam injection minimizes heat surface exposure time, preserving the natural flavors and nutritional content of the soy products.


By injecting steam directly into the product, manufacturers achieve rapid and efficient heating. This reduces overall cooking time and increases production throughput.
Traditional methods often involve indirect heating, which can be slower and less energy efficient. 

Pick Steam Injection Jet Cooker

Increased Volume:
The power of DSI allows manufacturers to scale up production volumes without compromising quality.  Whether it’s producing large batches of soymilk or yogurt, direct steam contact cookers handle higher volumes effectively.


Compact Design and Space Savings:
Jet cookers have a compact footprint, making them ideal for space-constrained production facilities.  Manufacturers can integrate these cookers seamlessly into existing production lines, optimizing available space.


Easy Cleaning and Maintenance:
Unlike traditional cookers with complex heat exchangers, DSI cookers have fewer components. This simplifies cleaning and maintenance procedures.  Reduced downtime for cleaning translates to higher overall equipment availability.


Uniform Blending and Homogeneity:
The Pick Heater 3A Sanitary Jet Cooker injects culinary steam directly into the product. This ensures thorough mixing and uniform blending, resulting in a consistent taste, texture, and appearance.

Direct steam injection cooking is a game-changer for soy-based products. It combines efficiency, quality, and space-saving advantages, making it a valuable option for manufacturers worldwide.  Learn more about Pick’s Sanitary Direct Steam Injection Jet Cookers.