Industrial Water Heating – Methods and Means

While digging through the Pick factory archives the other day, I came across a 14-page pamphlet titled Industrial Water Heating – Methods and Means. The booklet covered the basic methods of providing hot water for industrial uses. It also explained the difference between heating water through direct steam injection and the indirect tubular heat exchangers.


Methods and Means was authored in the 1950’s by Al Pick, who started Pick Heaters, Inc. (Previously, it was a division of Pick Manufacturing.) Al developed Pick Heaters into the dominant direct steam injection heating supplier. In fact, in many industries, the word “Pick” is often synonymous with direct steam injection heating.


So, returning to Al’s 1950s version, we are proud to present the Pick Blog. Our goal? Communicate the methods and means of applying direct steam injection (DSI) heating to industrial heat transfer applications. It is our hope that the Pick Blog becomes your go-to online resource for process heating solutions.


For example, our blog will cover our customers’ success stories, highlighting the ways they’ve used Pick DSI to satisfy facility requirements. We’ll also cover:

  • Specific industry trends, which may prove important in other types of manufacturing
  • Critical maintenance best practices
  • Operational methods that optimize performance
  • Energy efficiency and cost savings solutions


We’ll also share insights and experiences about how our customers used DSI to optimize production or to solve problems. Customer feedback and perspective will be presented, along with relevant information about the heating process.


Looking ahead, the first few Pick Blogs will cover safety as it relates to efficient and reliable hot water supply for plant washdown and sanitation. In many plants, the methods being used are dangerous and can even result in injuries. The proper use of DSI can help facility managers to “stay out of hot water”.

Methods and Means