Pick Custom Design: Innovative Process Solutions for Heat Transfer Applications

Are you in search of a reliable and cost-effective solution for your heat transfer requirements? Look no further than Pick Custom Design (PCD). PCD, a division of Pick Heaters, specializes in providing innovative process solutions for heat transfer applications.


PCD systems incorporate various heat transfer methods and come with ancillary components to form a complete skid or frame package. These modular skids come ready for the final customer installation and start-up. This eliminates the need for customers to source piping, valves, traps, and instrumentation from various suppliers, reducing the time and cost of the traditional stick-build construction. Customers can rely on Pick to design and fully support the entire supply scope.


With over 75 years of experience in designing direct steam injection systems, Pick possesses the expertise to create custom-designed systems that precisely meet customer requirements. Emphasis is placed on correctly applying and installing each component to ensure each system performs properly, while fitting into a desired footprint.


So, why should you opt for PCD? Partnering with Pick for all your process heating needs brings several advantages. You can save time and reduce costs with PCD's single-source supply and responsibility. Pick can offer competitive pricing and flexibility in design compared to larger generic fabricators. All systems are designed and manufactured at Pick’s factory, ensuring a responsive approach to your specific needs, and with strict adherence to specifications.  This all comes with complete packaging responsibility and a performance guarantee.

PCD Modular Process Skid

PCD Heat and Cool Reactor Vessel Modular Process Skid


If you're seeking a dependable and cost-effective solution for your heat transfer needs, consider teaming up with Pick Custom Design. With years of experience and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, you can have confidence in Pick's ability to provide top-notch heat transfer solutions.


Request more information or complete the PCD Indirect Heating Application Data Sheet or PCD Indirect Cooling Application Data Sheet to receive a quote​​​​​​.