Gas Injection - Food’s Secret Ingredient

Food production is a process that must be hygienic from start to finish. From the utensils to the equipment to the packaging, everything needs to be clean to ensure that the product will be fresh and sanitary for the customer. One of the most important steps of this process is gas injection, which is used to both manufacture and package food.


Typically, gas injection in the manufacturing of food increases product volume, or alters the product texture or viscosity. Food and beverage manufacturers use products like nitrogen injectors to inject gas directly into the food, and this process must be precise.


There is little to no room for error in the taste balance of food. If too much gas is injected into a food product, it can cause it to taste bad. But when just enough gas is added, it can help create a desired flavor and preserve the quality of food. For example, carbon dioxide (CO2) is added to soda to give it an acidic flavor.



Gas injection is also used in food packaging. Modified atmosphere packaging is used to keep food fresh or increase the shelf life of the product. The air composition of the internal food packaging atmosphere needs to be perfectly balanced. Oxygen can oxidize certain foods, causing them to turn brown. Oxygen also helps bacteria or mold thrive, so eliminating it from food packages helps keep foods safe to eat. Nitrogen is injected into some food packaging to remove oxygen, such as chip bags. This also provides some cushion to protect the fragile food during transport.


Pick Heaters for Gas Injection

The Pick Gas Injector is a non-shearing design and has 3-A Sanitary construction for easy inspection and cleaning. It can inject and mix a precise amount of nitrogen or other gasses into pumpable food products like Mayonnaise, Cottage Cheese, Peanut Butter, Whipped Butter and the like to displace oxygen to extend shelf life, and enhance the fluffy-whipped appearance of the product.


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Pick DSI Constant Demand Heater


Figure 1: Nitrogen injectors are used to keep food looking and tasting fresh.