How Pick Heaters Can Meet Customers’ Specifications and Requirements with Customized Fabricated Heater Designs

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to heat liquids or slurries in your industrial process, you may have heard of Pick Heaters, the leader in direct steam injection heating technology. Pick Heaters are designed to provide instant, accurate and consistent heating of water or any water-miscible liquid or slurry, with low noise, low maintenance cost and low pressure drop.


But what if your application requires a heater that goes beyond what would be considered a standard offering? What if you need a heater with a larger pipe size, a higher-pressure rating, a special alloy material or a different port configuration? Don’t worry, Pick Heaters has you covered with their customized fabricated heater designs.


What are customized fabricated heater designs?

Pick Heaters offers customized fabricated heater designs for applications that go beyond their standard model offerings. These heaters are built to meet customers’ specific specifications and requirements, such as:

  • Higher liquid flow rates up to 25,000 gallons per minute
  • Higher pressure class ratings up to class 1500 PSI flanges
  • Special alloys or materials such as Hastelloy, Duplex 2205, Killed Carbon Steel, Inconel, Titanium, Alloy 20, etc.
  • Various port locations to fit in-line or with 90° elbow configuration.


What are the benefits of fabricated heater designs?

Pick Heaters’ fabricated heater designs still offer the same features and benefits of their standard models. These include:

  • Energy efficiency: Pick Heaters can save up to 28% in fuel costs compared to indirect heat exchangers.
  • Precise temperature control: Pick Heaters can hold process temperature to extremely close tolerances, regardless of changes in steam or water pressures and liquid flow rate.
  • No steam hammer: Pick Heaters’ unique design prevents pressure equilibrium and automatically stabilizes steam injection pressure.
  • Complete steam mixing within the heater body: There are no downstream, straight pipe length requirements with a Pick Heater.

Cutaway fo a Steam Injection Heater

Pick Fabricated Steam Injection Heaters

What are some examples of applications that use special fabricated heater designs?

Pick Heaters’ fabricated heater designs can be used for various applications across different industries. Some examples are:

  • Anaerobic waste activation: Pick Heaters can heat wastewater sludge to promote anaerobic digestion and biogas production.
  • Reactor heating/cooling: Pick Heaters can provide rapid heating of jacketed reactors for chemical reactions.
  • Pellet water heating: Pick Heaters can heat water for pelletizing plastic resin or rubber compounds.
  • Alumina slurry heating: Pick Heaters can heat alumina slurry for aluminum production.
  • Condensate mixing: The natural benefits of the Pick Heater and its unique injection tube design provide an effective way of blending condensate streams smoothly.


How to get a customized fabricated heater design from Pick Heaters?

If you are interested in getting a customized fabricated heater design from Pick Heaters, you can contact us or email


Pick Heaters has a team of experienced engineers who will work with you to understand your application needs and design a heater that meets your specifications and requirements. 


Let us get you into hot water, in a good way!



Elbow Fabricated Steam Injection Heater

Pick Fabricated Steam Injection Heaters