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- Pick Heaters wins Business Beautification Award


Pick Heaters was awarded the 2014 West Bend Mutual Insurance Company Business Beautification Award by Roots and Branches, formerly the West Bend Beautification Committee.




- Pick Heaters announces new product!


Pick Heaters announces the release of its newest product, the Pick Desuperheater Series DS.


The water spray design offers a simple, cost effective method of desuperheating steam. With the nozzle positioned at the center of the desuperheater, water is sprayed axially, in the direction of the steam flow. The conical insert with thermal sleeve increases velocity to promote rapid absorption of water, while isolating the housing from thermal stress.


Any plant that utilizes high pressure process steam can use a Pick Desuperheater. Because of its easy installation, low pressure drop, and no moving parts the Pick Series DS is the perfect choice for any desuperheating application.


Pick Heaters offers various options including a mixing cone, automatic controls, and various housing construction to meet your needs.


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