Pick Heaters for Sanitation

Effective Hot Water with Pick Heaters

How Effective is Your Hot Water Temperature?

Pick Heaters are the answer for critical plant sanitation.

Benefits of the Pick Variable Flow Heater include:


  • Eliminates harmful vibration and steam hammer
  • Widest operating range of any Steam Injection Heater
  • Smooth, quiet operation within acceptable dBA limits
  • Precise, accurate temperature control
  • Complete absorption of steam into liquid at point of contact - not dependent on high velocity mixing in downstream piping
  • Low liquid pressure drop
  • 100% heat transfer - cuts fuel costs up to 30% compared with indirect heat exchangers

Pick DSI Heater

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DSI for Sanitation, Sterilization and Cleaning-In-Place

Among the most important aspects of any food, beverage or pharmaceutical processing operation is the ongoing assurance of sanitary equipment. Effective cleaning is the best defense against product contamination — something to be avoided not only for health and safety reasons, but also for its ability to impact brand perception and raise the specter of lawsuits and product recalls.

Ensuring Food Safety with DSI

Sanitization is critical to food production. Food production machines need to be sterile, or the food could potentially become contaminated. There are many ways to ensure food safety, and among them is direct steam injection (DSI).

Plant Sanitation-The Safe Way to Get Into Hot Water

An ongoing challenge faced by food industry customers is maintaining a reliable, yet safe plant sanitation system.

Why Direct Steam Injection Liquid Heating is the Preferred Choice for Many Industrial Applications

Customers have many choices for heating water, liquids or slurries, but Direct Steam Injection (DSI) Heaters should be at the top of the list of options for these challenging applications.

Saving Money, Improving Efficiency with Direct Steam Injection

The most common method of transferring energy with steam is indirect heat exchange, which has a significant drawback. Due to the pressure drop as the condensate exits the trap, some portion is inevitably lost to flash evaporation. As the condensate is lost, system efficiency is impacted. There is an alternative method that is ideal for high-pressure systems: direct steam injection (DSI) which achieves 100% heat transfer efficiency.