Trap Grease Processing


Waste trap grease, also known as brown grease accumulates in restaurants and food service facilities and must be disposed of.  Traditionally, it has been hauled away by a third party contractor and sent to a landfill.  This imposes an ongoing cost in the form of tipping fees and has a negative impact on the environment.  More stringent EPA guidelines and recognition of value for production of biodiesel, fertilizers, and other products is driving a trend toward recycling of trap grease.




The Solution:


The first step in recycling is separation of the grease into primary components, using a     centrifuge.  This can be a decanter type for separation of solids and liquid or tri-canter for further separation of light and heavy liquids.  A Pick “BX” heater with slotted injection tube is used to heat the grease to 180 – 200°F immediately upstream of the centrifuge.  Primary   benefits are precise temperature control and elimination of plugging that can occur with an indirect heat exchanger.



Features and Benefits:


• Precise Temperature Control

• Non-Plugging Design

• Energy Efficient







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