Steam Injection Sanitary Heater/Jet Cooker

Photo of Steam Injection Sanitary Heater/Jet CookerThe Pick Sanitary Heater/Jet Cooker is the preferred choice for in-line product cooking, CIP or nitrogen injection.  Pick heats or cooks any water miscible liquid or slurry instantly on a continuous straight through basis. It can also handle slurries containing bite sized pieces such as salsas or stews…with piece integrity retained!


Pick has the only Sanitary Direct Steam Injection system that achieves set point temperature on demand with a non-shearing action. Forget the inherent process inefficiencies and maintenance headaches of traditional batch cooking.


Pick Direct Steam Injection allows you to heat in-line, with precise temperature control and 100% energy efficiency.


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3A Certified


Pick Sanitary Heaters/Jet Cookers carry the 3A symbol.  The 3A symbol certifies the heater is in regulatory compliance for any food or dairy application. All product surfaces are 316L Stainless Steel with #4 sanitary polish. Tri-clamp® connections are standard, and other connections are available upon request. The entire unit disassembles in minutes for routine cleaning.

Typical Food Industry Applications Include:

Starch Slurries

Fruit and Vegetable Juices

Stews and Gravies

Grain and Vegetable Slurries

Fruit Sauces / Purees

Teas - Canned and Bottled


Fats, Oils, Tallow



Jams and Jellies

Puddings and Fillings


Refried Beans

Baby Foods



Candy and Confections

Soy Milk

Pet Foods

Typical Pharmaceutical Industry Applications Include:


Gel Cap Coating

Sterile Water

Illustration of how direct steam injection sanitary heater/jet cooker works

Heater Diagram

How the Pick Sanitary Heater/Jet Cooker Works: 1. Water-miscible liquid or slurry enters mixing chamber. 2. Steam enters here. 3. Modulating steam control valve, activated by the temperature controller admits just enough steam to maintain the desired outlet temperature. 4. Steam and liquid mix thoroughly within the heater body. 5. Heated liquid or slurry is ejected from the outlet.

Sanitary Heater/Jet Cooker Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications for Pick Sanitary Heater/Jet Cooker

Pick Sanitary Heaters are available in seven different sizes, with steam capacities from 150 lbs/hour to 10,000 lbs/hour. Our smallest heater, the SC2, is available with product connections as small as 1/2", and is perfect for R&D and pilot plant testing.


To select a heater, use this simple formula to calculate steam demand. Choose the heater model closest to (without exceeding) the rated steam capacity.




































Standard steam inlet assembly consists of a strainer, control valve, sanitary check valve, and associated fittings. Optional separator and filter are available for culinary steam service.



Sizing Formula:

Steam Demand (lbs/hour)

Product (lb/hr) X Δ T (°F) X Specific Heat /1,160


Steam Demand (kg/hr)

Product (kg/hr) X Δ T (°C) X Specific Heat /650

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