Benefits of Pick Sanitary Direct Steam Injection Cooking

In-Line Cooking

Pick Sanitary Heaters eliminate slow batch processing. Heat, cook or sterilize on a continuous, straight-through basis. The Pick Direct Steam Injection heater processes higher volumes of quality product in less time than any other heating method.


Cost Efficient

Pick Sanitary Direct Steam Injection saves you money every step of the way, from initial installation through everyday processing. Compared to complicated, maintenance intensive heat exchangers or kettles, Pick systems cost far less to purchase and install. Operationally, nothing could be more efficient. With 100% heat transfer, Pick's energy savings are obvious. It is a great way to reduce product cost without sacrificing product quality.


Non-Shearing Action

Helical flights inside the heater body allow a generous, unobstructed flow path for liquids and slurries. Because the Direct Steam Injection process is non-shearing, slurries containing bite-sized pieces can be heated without damage to texture or consistency. Product integrity is maintained, cooking is thorough and fast, and blending is uniform.


Precise Temperature Control

Pick's precise temperature control assures exceptional product quality. With Pick Sanitary Direct Steam Injection, quality control problems common to jacketed kettle cooking or sparging are virtually eliminated. In addition, a separate steam control valve eliminates stem packing leakage and possible product contamination.


Easy Installation and Maintenance


Photo of disassembled Pick Sanitary Steam Injection Heater/Jet Cooker


The Pick Sanitary Direct Steam Injection unit can be delivered to you complete and ready to install. Simply connect the system to your steam and product piping and start heating.


In comparison to competitive methods, the Pick heater requires very little effort to clean and maintain. The unit can be easily disassembled in minutes for routine cleaning. Nothing could be simpler, or faster to maintain.

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