Plate and Frame Package for Plant Sanitation

PCD plate and frame packaged skidA beef processing plant specified the use of plate-and-frame heat exchangers for supplying 160°F water for plant sanitation. A hot water system was critical to plant operations so redundancy was to be designed into the system. The selected exchangers had to have gaskets rated for steam duty.



The Solution:

Pick Custom Design, a division of Pick Heaters, designed and packaged a single skid with two plate-and-frame exchangers, each featuring EPDM gaskets with a 34-plate package. A single rotary ball steam control valve served to regulate steam flow to either exchanger. Likewise a single trap and condensate return line was included. System piping arrangement and use of isolation butterfly valves allowed for operation of either exchanger, providing required back-up. A C-channel floor frame supported the entire package within a 4 ft. by 10 ft. footprint.



Features and Benefits:


• Plate Gaskets Rated for Steam Temperatures

• Redundant Capability

• Single Source Supply



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