Pre-Packaged Steam Injection Heating System

Heat & Cool 4,000 gallon Pfaudler® glass lined jacketed vessel. Lubricant type product is heated to 310°F using 316°F water. Exothermic process was maintained at 325°F for 3.5 hours then cooled to 210°F


The Solution:


Pick Model 6X50-3/12HCAC all 316 Stainless Steel.


The Pressurized water loop at 80 psig allows 316°F water temperature, permitting a smooth transition from heating to cooling.


Accurate temperature control prevents

damage to glass lining (+/- 1/2° accuracy).


Heat/Cool system was packaged complete with After Cooler (Pick mixing chamber) for tempering of discharge cooling water (up to 320°F), blended to 150°F for return to cooling tower.



Features and Benefits:


• Accurate Temperature Control

• Fully Automatic Operation

• Compact Design

• Smooth Transition from Heat to Cool







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